Welcome to Jangipur Mega Food Park ....

India is the world's second largest producer of fruits & vegetables, but hardly 2% of the produce is processed. Food Processing Industry is of enormous significance for India’s development because of the vital linkages and synergies that it promotes between the two pillars of the economy, namely Industry and Agriculture.

The proposed food park is envisaged to be developed in Jangipur, Murshidabad.

Will have a Central Processing Centre as the nuclei of all value addition
Socio-economic impact will be felt primarily in the form of localized employment
Augment farmers’ income through increasing yield, better pricing and quality
Expected to benefit around 6000 farmers / producers directly and around 25000-30000 farmers indirectly
Aimed at enterprises that do not have the capital to scale up initially.
Empowers small enterprises to grow gradually while using the common infrastructure.
India is world's second largest producer of fruits & vegetables
India has all the potential and requirements for a head start in the food-processing industry.